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The Lawnmower
Friday, July 10, 2009

Not too long I ago I took my lawnmower out of the shed to cut the grass in my front and back yards. After pulling on the cord of the lawnmower many times I realized that it was not going to start. I went to the owner’s manual and read what I should do. The manual told me, for a lawnmower engine to work you need three things; fuel, air and spark. So I checked the gas tank and it was full. I checked the oil and it was at the appropriate level. I next checked the air filter and it was dirty. So I washed it out and put it back on the lawnmower. I tried to start the lawnmower once again but no matter how many times I pulled the cord it still would not start. So I pulled the spark plug off and bought a new one. After installing it in the lawnmower, I pulled the cord and immediately it started right up.

I was grateful for the instruction manual. Without it I would have had to buy another lawnmower. Who would have thought that a dirty air filter and spark plug would stop my lawnmower from running? I am thankful that by following what the manual says I could use my lawnmower once again.

This manual is not the only manual that I have. I have manuals for each one of my cars, as well as for each one of my appliances. They tell me how to keep them running properly and when and where I need to go for help.

Life would be very hard if we did not have owner’s manuals. It would be hard not only for all our lawnmowers, cars and appliances but it would also be impossible for life. Our Owner/Creator gave us an owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is called the Bible, God’s spoken word to us. This manual tells us how to keep running properly and when and where we can go to find help.

As I personally read the Bible it teaches me how to live and tells me the difference between right and wrong. The Bible gives me a meaning and purpose to life but best of all it tells me about God — who He is, what He is like and what His will is for my life. I never tire of reading the stories; some are of great battles and wars, some are mysteries, and some are love stories.

I have personally found that there is a power in the Bible that you will not find in any other book, a power that will help you to change and to live a new and better life and to become the man and/or woman God has intended for you to be. Today why don’t you take out your owner’s manual and read it for yourself? You will be glad you did.

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