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A Fortunate Fall
Thursday, April 09, 2009

Many years ago in a little town off the rocky coast of Wales a number of people gathered at a very important business meeting. The concern was about a recent shipwreck where many people drowned. This issue couldn’t wait, or there could possibly be more shipwrecks and drownings. Many suggestions to solve the problem were offered, but the one that pleased the majority of people was a plan to build a lighthouse.

To build a lighthouse would take some careful planning and cost a lot of money but the townspeople knew it would be worth it. They didn’t want any more shipwrecks or drownings off their coast. They found an architect who had designed lighthouses before and he made a set of blueprints to meet the town’s needs.

Afterward they hired some experienced carpenters to build their lighthouse. The work was slow and hard, it took much time and energy to build on the rocks, but the thought of saving lives from the treacherous coast was the concern of all the workmen. They made many sacrifices and worked as quickly as possible to build the best lighthouse they could.

Once the foundation was laid the carpenters built the lighthouse higher and higher. It was turning out to be a very promising lighthouse which would last for years warning ship captains of danger. The townspeople would come out daily to see the progress of the lighthouse and would look at it with pride. Sadly, with the building nearly completed, one of the workmen stumbled and fell from the scaffolding far down to the rocks below.

The other workmen were shocked at what had taken place, and didn’t dare look down for fear of being unnerved by the sight and then falling themselves. Heavy-hearted, they backed slowly down the ladders, but to their surprise and happy relief, they saw their companion lying on a mound of grass, shaken and dazed — bruised, to be sure, but not seriously harmed. Beside him lay a dead lamb. Apparently a flock of sheep had been grazing near the work site, and a lamb had broken his fall!

Like the workman who fell, a Lamb has broken your fall. A Lamb has broken mine — the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. This Lamb is Jesus Christ. He saw us falling and knew we wouldn’t stand a chance. He made a plan, worked hard and sacrificed all that He had so we wouldn’t have to die a horrible death. He took the death we should have experienced upon Himself and now has set us free.

For God so loved the world (God is the greatest lover — He loves you and me) that He gave His only begotten Son (God is the greatest giver — He has given us the greatest gift He could) that whosoever believes in Him (you and I must make a choice to believe) should not perish but have everlasting life. Today I choose to believe in Jesus and I hope you do too.

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