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Master Artist

The Master Artist
Thursday Pulpit October 8, 2009

In one of the beautiful forests near Paris, a French artist was busy with his paints and canvas. A group of curious children gathered around and watched awed silence. They were amazed at how masterfully he took a blank canvas and made it come to life. A dot of paint could become a flower or a tree, an animal or a cloud in the sky, the river that flowed by, or the houses in the distance and of course the people. As the artist was carefully adding people to his painting the boys withdrew to one side and huddled together in conversation. Then one of the older boys, who evidently had been appointed speaker for the rest, approached the artist and waited in respectful silence.

“What can I do for you?” the artist asked.  

“We would like to know, please, sir,” the boy said, “if you could put us into your picture.”

All the boys held their breath as the master artist smiled and said, “Of course.” 

They watched in silent joy as the artist added a group of boys watching an artist paint on the bank of a river. What a story these young boys had to tell, not only when they went home but for the rest of their lives.

When God the Master Artist made His great plan for the salvation of the human race, He left enough room on His canvas to put everyone into His picture. He thought of you and me and everyone who has ever lived, from the time of Adam until today, all around the world. He wants to include you and anyone else who wants to be in His wonderful painting.

Do you wish to be included in God’s great picture? I know I do. To belong in God’s painting all we have to do is what the boys did to be included in the master artist’s painting – and that was to ask. Asking is not a hard thing to do but we must do it. Do not to be left out, do not delay, ask God silently right now to include you as you read the words of this article. Believe His words, “For God so loved the world (God is the greatest lover and He loves you) that He gave (God is very generous) His only begotten Son (the greatest gift anyone can ever receive), that whosoever believeth in Him (we have a choice, a decision to make, we must believe in Jesus) should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

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