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Double Rescue

By Joanne Bird ©2010

We found Benson through the Northern California German Shepherd Rescue.

A rescue place is a location where abandoned animals are taken by kind people who find them.  The people who run rescues have a goal, and that is to place healthy, adoptable animals in new and loving homes while aiding in the fight against pet overpopulation. They also help care for those animals less fortunate - those who need a little more time to get their health back or may have behavioral problems requiring advanced training before going to a new home.

Benson had been wandering around, eating out of garbage cans. By the time we adopted him, he was a sorry mess!  His hair was scraggily, his rib bones were showing and he was pretty sad looking.  The poor thing didn’t even know how to act like a dog. He never barked and he didn’t know how to play.  When I tried to take him for a walk, he would just lie down in the street.

As time went on, Benson started to trust me. It was slow, but eventually we became good friends. As the weeks went by, he wasn’t afraid anymore and he grew to be a very fine and handsome dog. Actually, he became so good looking that people would stop on the street just to look at t him and to comment on how nice he looked.

Now we are a team, and we visit rest homes and hospitals. People love to pet Benson, and he brings joy and smiles to those he comes close to.

This abandoned dog, so hungry and in such a sad situation, became a source of joy – not just for me, but for all the people he encounters.

This reminds me of another rescue story.

The Bible tells about how Jesus, the King of the Universe, came down from Heaven to rescue this sinful world. The good news about this is t hat Jesus accepts us just the way we are. He will accept us, just as my family and I accepted Benson when he was a mess!  If we allow Him, Jesus will clean up the garbage of our lives and will give us a pure heart. If we wander away from Him, He will come looking for us.

The Bible also says that we are adopted sons and daughters with Jesus beside us. If we love and trust Him we will be happy to keep His commandments.

He also said that He will never abandon us. Yes – Jesus sticks closer than a brother. He loves you and wants to be your Favorite Friend.

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