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Go Forward: 2011
OGR 2011: GO Forward
Thank you all for your urgency in prayer. We believe that God has
called you for such a time as this. The General Conference has adopted
this initiative and for that we praise God. We believe that this is
just the beginning of greater things to come. You can learn about more
initiatives that the GC has adopted by going here:
The OGR 2011 will begin January 5th, 2011 at 7pm and continue nightly
until January 15th. During that time we not only want to encourage
united prayer, but also praying in small groups as often as possible.
We want to fill this time period with multiple moments and seasons of
prayer throughout the day.
Each night we want to unite our prayer upon a specific theme. The
first five nights will focus on praying for the early rain. The last
five nights will focus on praying for the latter rain. The themes are
as follows:
Early Rain
Night 1: Praying for a Forgiving Spirit
Night 2: Praying for Repentance
Night 3: Praying for Victory over Sin in our Lives
Night 4: Praying for Deep Devotional Life
Night 5: Praying for A Spirit of Unity in the Church
Latter Rain:
Night 6: Praying for an understanding of Latter Rain
Night 7: Praying for a Preparation to preach the 3 Angel’s Messages
Night 8: Praying for Souls in Bondage to Sin and Error
Night 9: Praying for Family, and Friends to Return to the Fold
Night 10: Praying to have Boldness to Act
On the OGR webpage, you will find a document that explains one
way to pray each night. (
Thank you for your willingness to participate in OGR 2011. Let us heed
the call to Go Forward!
P. Ivor Myers

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