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Mission Trip 2011
March 17-28, John Taylor led a youth mission trip to Bethany Medical Mission College in Guyana, South America, where the team worked on building a wellness center. Hannah T., the team's RN, also assisted Melissa Sissons with medical clinics in villages down river.  John said that the Lord worked in many and mighty ways - but not necessarily in ways you'd expect!!  Our kids returned home with somber vision of what it means to be in God' service. Many expressed that the time there was too short.

March 22:

Today is Steven Wallace's Birthday.  The sun is shining in Bethany, Guyana, the floor of the new wellness center has been completed, and now the walls are beginning to go up! Report are that the kids are sunburned, they all sleep well on mattresses under their mosquito nets, the food is "AMAZING" with fresh fruits, delicious breads and pumpkin pancakes.  This Sabbath, March 26, three of the youth, Christopher, Issi, and Timothy, will be in the pulpit giving sermon-ettes. 
See photos of the trip on the SH Church Photo site.

If you would like to donate to future mission trip projects, please contact the church. More than anything else we ask for your prayers -- Eleven prayers for eleven days of service!
  • To cover each participant in His perfect will
  • For wisdom - that those people participating will be hand-chosen by the Lord, and that the Holy Spirit will dwell in each of them, drawing them ever-closer to Him because they have come apart to be in His service
  • For their good health - before, during and after being in the jungles of Guyana
  • For safety prior to, during, and following travel (west coast, USA, to NY, to Haiti, then to Guyana where they will travel by boat and bus for three hours to the mission compound -- and back again!)
  • Pray that the Lord will use EACH of them individually and together for His purposes. They will be handing out the Gospel of John as they travel.
  • Pray for the PROJECT, a building on this compound which will be constructed to help shelter students and patients as they discover the treasures of good health and wellness which is bound to their Maker
  • Pray for their families who are left at home
  • Pray for those who want to go but cannot
  • Pray for those who have sacrificed time, money, talent and more to send these young people out
  • Pray for the Sissons family, the Bethany missionaries who direct the mission compound (a David Gates site) - which includes a young mother, father, and two young children (see the video clip below)
  • Pray for the people of Guyana who live in the shadow of this college - may they receive the brightest light of all, Jesus Christ! And may they reflect that light throughout Guyana!

Dear Friends and Family:

Last year John Taylor, our St. Helena Youth Mission Trip leader since 1997, researched a site in the tiny South American village of Bethany, Guyana, and found it to be an ideal situation for a small-group project. Bethany Medical Missionary College (the only medical missionary college in Guyana) was founded in 2005 by Gilbert and Melissa Sissons, and still lacks some core facilities to run smoothly. It has become a well-respected training center for Guyanese young people to instruct them in health and evangelism, preparing them to work on the front lines for Christ. The college also runs a medical riverboat, The Good Samaritan. It was this same mission site that Michael and Lauren Gregory worked with for several months.

 This trip, scheduled for March 17-28, 2011, was to be a BUILDING trip, and eighteen contributed to help make the campus buildings adequate for the students and patients.  The cost for each participant was about $1245, which  covered airfare, food and other transportation as well as one necessary night in a Georgetown hotel.  The trip was financed via previous mission trip fundraising (thank you!), participant investment, a fundraising supper, a breakfast, and with funds from some wonderful folks who want to be part of the effort but who cannot go themselves. Thanks to you! Praise to the Lord!

We are grateful to be able to be on “the front lines” right now. The message of the Gospel of Jesus’ love is spreading fast. Earth’s final days will be rapid ones, we are assured. Thank you for being a part of the last thrust to bring His people into His safe arms and thank you for helping us to be part of that, too!

Forever In His Service!

The 2011 Youth Mission to Guyana Participants

Pray for us!!

Thank you!!

Participant forms to fill out and have notarized

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