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From an article written December 2011 for the St. Helena Star

The Farmer's Christmas
It was a cold wintry day with the wind blowing the snow this way and that.  The old farmer put another log in his fireplace and hoped his wife would soon be home from church.  Even though the farmer was a good man, he didn't feel he needed to go to the church, after all, he had worked hard all his life, provided for his family and helped others in need. Besides, some of the things in the Bible were too hard for him to believe, like the birth of Jesus and God becoming a man.  It just did not make sense to him how any of it could be true.

As he was sitting near the fire he heard a loud thump on the side of his house and everything was
strangely quiet.  He wondered what it could be.  Did one of his trees near the house fall down?  So he put on his coat, boots, hat, scarf and gloves and went outside.  Much to his surprise as he turned the corner to the side of his house he found a flock of geese had apparently become lost in the storm and flew into the side of his house.
He knew it was too cold for them to be outside in the frigid weather so he opened up the doors of his barn and tried to chase them inside.  But as soon as he came close to the geese they would run away.  He gently spoke to them and tried to put out some bread crumbs to lead them into the barn but the poor stunned geese did not understand.  They only looked at him with skepticism as they searched for some shelter.
Cold and frustrated the farmer thought to himself if only I could become a goose I could lead them into the barn myself.  Then he remembered he had a pair of geese in the barn which he had rescued earlier that year, so he ran inside and took one.  He gently picked it up and took it outside with him.  He placed it down in the snow and held his breath as the goose followed the path of bread crumbs back into the barn.  Slowly but surely all the geese went into the barn following and eating the bread crumbs.  Quickly he shut the barn doors and went into his house to get out of the cold.
As he sat down in front of the fire to warm up he thought about the experience.  No matter how hard he tried there was no way he was going to lead those geese into his barn.  The only way was to let his goose lead them in.  Could this be the same reason why Jesus became a man?  This was a completely new thought to him.  Jesus became one like us in every way so He could show us the way to heaven.
Silently the farmer began to understand why Christ came to this earth just like us.  He realized themincredible love and mercy God has revealed to us.  For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  The farmer for the first time in his life saw that he needed Jesus and invited Him to come into his heart. This Christmas as you think of the birth of Christ may He be born anew in your heart.

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