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Einstein and Emmy

When the great physicist, Albert Einstein, fled Nazi Germany, he came to America and bought an old two-story house within walking distance of Princeton University. There he entertained some of the most distinguished people of his day and discussed with them issues as far ranging as physics to human rights.

What many people do not know is Einstein had another frequent visitor. She was not, in the world’s eyes, an important person like all his other guests. She was a ten-year-old girl named Emmy. Emmy heard that a very kind man who knew a lot about mathematics had moved into her neighborhood. Since she was having trouble with her fifth-grade arithmetic, she decided to visit the man down the block and see if he would help her with her problems. Much to her delight, Einstein was very willing and explained everything to her so that she could understand it. Einstein also told Emmy, “She was welcome to come anytime she needed help.”

A few weeks later, one of the neighbors told Emmy’s mother that Emmy was often seen entering the house of the world-famous physicist. Horrified, mother asked Emmy, “Is it true that you visit Albert Einstein?”

Emmy told her, “Yes, and he helps me understand my math.”

Mother was shocked and told her daughter, “Albert Einstein is a very important man, whose time is very valuable, and he couldn’t be bothered with the problems of a little schoolgirl.”

Then she rushed over to Einstein’s house, and when Einstein answered the door, she started trying to blurt out an apology for her daughter’s intrusion – for being such a bother.

But Einstein cut her off. He said, “She has not been bothering me. When a child finds such joy in learning, then it is my joy to help her learn. Please don’t stop Emmy from coming to me with her school problems. She is welcome in this house anytime.”

Even though Albert Einstein was a very important man and one of the greatest physicists in the world, he took time to help a little girl understand fifth-grade arithmetic.

I like this picture of Albert Einstein because this is how I picture God. God, who knows way more than I could ever understand, has an open door policy, so I can visit Him any time I want and share with Him all my problems. He is always available to me, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No problem is too big that He cannot handle or too small that He will not notice or care.

God loves me, not because of whom I am or what I do or have done. God loves me because it is His character and because it is His character to love, He loves you, too. Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Jesus Himself says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

Today, just as Emmy took her fifth-grade arithmetic problems to Albert Einstein, bring all your problems to God. You are always welcome at His house, anytime. Just as it brought joy to Einstein to help Emmy it brings God joy to help you. Do not wait any longer, do not delay, God will bless you as you reach out to Him.

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