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The Great Controversy Countdown
Make this year a year of spiritual renewal, revival and revolution! Read through the Bible and the Conflict of the Ages Series! Enlighten your knowledge of history as well as prophecy.  Gather with friends to search scripture and read through / discuss the Conflict of the Ages series.  Wednesdays: Angwin (location varies - see the church calendar) at 6:00 PM and also in St. Helena at Silverado Orchards on Pope Street at 6:30 PM.

The Conflict of the Ages book series was written by author Ellen G. White (1827-1915) and is available in many forms, including free audio, digital reading and more.

What are your friends reading?  

The books follow the Biblical history of the world, with special focus on the conflict between God and Satan. The series starts with the pre-creation rebellion of Satan in Heaven, then moves on to the creation of the earth, the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, the Old Testament, the birth and ministry of Jesus until His ascension, then the early Christian church, the Dark Ages, the Protestant reformation, the last days of earth's history, the second coming of Christ, the millennium, and the destruction of sin and finally the recreation of earth and God's kingdom with man for eternity. This progression explains in detail the SDA understanding of the conflict between God and Satan and their understanding of the Bible and much of world history. She wrote the books based on her research of other authors and special information which she claimed to receive through visions from God. The books thus include unique insights and concepts not found in other works of the time.

The Great Controversy Countdown is a study guide for tracing this theme through Ellen White's Conflict of the Ages books. It will help each reader understand this critical truth so that they are able to share it with others. Presented in a workbook format, the Countdown is ideal for group study. Pastor Freedman is using this as a study guide each Sabbath in the Sabbath School he leads. See the January schedule below. "PP" refers to the first book of the series, Patriarchs and Prophets, and takes the reader on the historical journey from the rebellion of Satan in heaven to King David.

Copies of The Great Controversy Countdown are available any Adventist Book Center. You can order books at (800) 765-6955 or online at  It is also available on Amazon, including a free Kindle edition. 


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