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UNCERTAIN in Unsettled Times
Bible Study Presentations by Charinette Guerrero, Sam Smith, Zach Surovec

Charinette, Sam and Zach understand what it is like to live in uncertain times. In their lives they have experienced heartache, loss, and life without meaning and purpose. They longed for something better but did not know where to turn. The things of this world only left them empty and unsatisfied. In their search for certainty they found the answer that helped them and can help you too. Since that time they have traveled around the world sharing with thousands how to have certainty in these uncertain times. You do not want to miss these exciting meetings. 

FREE: Childcare, Food, Bible Studies

Uncertain in Unsettled Times
Fri, 10/4, An Ancient Dream Unlocks the Future
Sat, 10/5, Identity Theft

Wed, 10/9, When Whiteout Doesn’t Work
Fri, 10/11, The End of the World; Is it Here, Near, or Merely Fear?
Sat, 10/12, Jesus Christ or the Greatest Heist

Wed, 10/16, The Runaway Bride
Fri, 10/18, Mr. Clean - Cleans His House
Sat, 10/19, The Lawyer Who Never Lost a Case

Wed, 10/23, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Fri, 10/25, Forgetting Your Anniversary
Sat, 10/27, Mister One Day Late

Wed, 10/30, The Longest Vacation
Fri, 11/1, The Ending Hollywood Doesn’t Know About
Sat, 11/2, New Beginnings

Wed, 11/6, Hell Know
Fri, 11/8, Vanity Affair
Sat, 11/9, Why So Many Denominations?

Wed, 11/13, A City Called Confusion
Fri, 11/15, The Most Beautiful Woman
Sat, 11/16, (Church Service), The Mark of the Beast
Sat, 11/16, The Mistake You Cannot Afford to Make

Wed, 11/20, The Clock Runs Out on Americas’ Freedom
Fri, 11/22, The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin
Sat, 11/23, (Church Service), Better Than Disneyland
Sat, 11/23, (Movie), The Final Battle

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