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NEW!  CHIP-plus
There is no CHIP currently offered at the St. Helena Church. 
If you are interested in a CHIP program, visit

CHIP+  (Complete Health Improvement Program) (formerly CHIP: Coronary Health Improvement Project) is a 12-session inspiring program designed to help participants make the “major diet and lifestyle changes” which are necessary to reverse or normalize a  large number of "lifestyle" disorders including:
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Adult Onset Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis
  • Digestion Problems
  • Some types of Depression and more
CHIP offers participants the complete education they need in order to make wise diet and lifestyle changes and to stick with them
Before and After Blood Draws and Health Screenings allow you see the difference that you can make in just 30 days!  The 2013 CHIP program will include presentations by local health professionals, Grocery Store Tours, Reference Materials, Follow-up Meetings and a Graduation Banquet for family and friends.

This program is:
o an education program designed to support the process of disease reversal
o ideal for people who want to prevent, arrest or reverse chronic disease
o about the scientific validity of moderation and plant based whole foods nutrition
o designed to promote taking control of one’s own health through wise choices
This program is not:
o a medical treatment program
o a promise of disease reversal
o a guarantee of specific health outcomes
o a substitute for working with a personal medical practitioner
o a mandate for veganism or vegetarianism
o a platform to promote personal biases, health supplements, or product sales

The Napa Valley CHIP chapters have over 200 graduates from the original CHIP program who have experienced:

  • Cholesterol drop with some drops up to 40%. 
  • Weight losses averaged 7 pounds, with losses as high as 29 pounds.
  • Blood Pressure,  Triglycerides, and Heart Rate improvements.
  • Diabetics adhering to this program showed great improvement and were able to lower insulin or drop their need for it completely in just eight weeks by continuing on the program with guidance from their physician.

No drugs, no gimmicks, no supplements for sale, just a straight-forward, inspiring education on how to make healthy choices so that you can enjoy a lifetime of better health.  -- official CHIP website


Vegan Meal Planning

- A Consumer's Guide to Understanding Harmful Artificial Fats

Bruno is a church family favorite. In his mid-70's, he is a world traveler who is greatly interested in health.  When Blook cholesterols were taken for CHIP, Bruno had his done.  Bruno's was 132.  He has eaten the same breakfast combination for over 30 years, gets plenty of exercise, and is temperate in his other meals and activities. Bruno's breakfast combo is written out below, and can be found in the Cancer Prevention book he wrote with his son, Eric.

Bruno's Breakfast:
Warning: WATER drinking is imperitive to this diet! 
If you don't drink enough water, Bruno's breakfast will (in his words) "turn to cement."
Drink TWO glasses half an hour before, and more two hours after eating.
Purchase RAW ingredients only.

Daily 'Essential' Breakfast Cereal
1-1/2 heaping Tablespoons of RAW sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon MILLET flour
2 TABLESPOONS ground flax
1 teaspoon Buckwheat flour
6 halves of walnuts or 6 almonds (alternate)
4 heaping Tbs Old Fashioned OATS
3 heaping Tbs Wheat Bran
1 Tbs honey
1-1/4 cups Hot water
Handful of raisins

Put all ingredients in a bowl.  Mix everything well, then add the hot water and honey, mixing a bit more. Let sit 15-30 minutes. Any kind of pure fruit juice can be added for flavor. If the water is too hot, some of the nutrients will be destroyed. Chewing 30 times for each mouthful will help begin the digestion of this food efficiently.

In addition to the cereal, eat three fruits, one of which is a BANANA, every day. The other fruits could be any of these combinations:
  • Banana Plus:
  • orange and apple
  • apple and grapes
  • apple and kiwi
  • cantalope and grapes
  • Honeydew and grapes
  • pears and orange
  • peach and strawberries
  • strawberries and grapes
  • apple and blackberries
  • apple and raspberries
Bruno's book also has salad ideas.  Mmmmm!

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