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Online Health Calculators

Web Based Calculators

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine provides the following resource links as a service to clinicians.

(No guarantee or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding these materials. Every reasonable effort is made to select only evidence-based, scientific materials. Nonetheless, please review all materials to determine their applicability and suitability to your needs.)

Weight / Body Composition

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Ideal Body Weight

Target Weight

Waist Hip Ratio

W/H circumference --> % Body Fat

Skin Folds Body Comp

Kids Body Comp


Calorie Requirements

Daily Caloric Needs

Macronutrient by Diet

Food Exchanges

Weight Loss Goal Date

Glycemic Index


Par-Q: Exercise Risk

Measure Heart Rate

Target Heart Rate

Heart Rate Zone

Calories Expended by Exercise Type

Calories by Walking a Distance

Exercise Duration to Burn Calories

Metabolic Calculators:
Cycle Ergometer
VO2max for 12 Minute Run

Health Status

B/P & Heart Rate

ACSM Risk Classification

Health age Questionnaire



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